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25,000 Students, 39…

The month of November has been a busy one for a St. Philip's College Social and Behavioral Sciences faculty member in a department that annually builds the knowledge of 3,500 social sciences students.
Professor Allen Hamilton

25,000 Students, 39 Years, Piper Nominee: SPC Professor Allen Lee Hamilton

The month of November has been a busy one for a St. Philip's College Social and Behavioral Sciences faculty member in a department that annually builds the knowledge of 3,500 social sciences students.

The faculty member is professor Allen Lee Hamilton, the college's professor of Texas and American History.

The college has recognized him for teaching excellence and San Antonio Academy has followed suit on its social media this week. The Boston-based Road Scholar Programs have praised him as a presenter in their continuing education series, most recently Nov. 1 in the main ballroom at the Drury Plaza Riverwalk, as keynote speaker on Texas History for 200 visitors from all over the U.S. and the world.

And November is also the anniversary month of his 2016 book from Greyhouse Publishing, Encyclopedia of Historical Warrior Peoples & Modern Fighting Groups Dr. Paul K. Davis is the co-author. Hamilton's St. Philip's College Social and Behavioral Sciences colleagues Cynthia Pryor and Matthew Fuller also contributed articles for his sixth published book.

Hamilton is a community leader in his capacity as the college's faculty member representing higher education on the City Tri-centennial Committee's Intra-University Tricentennial Committee. The college is an educational partner in the yearlong San Antonio Tricentennial Celebration calendar of events, activities and innovative initiatives that honor that historic milestone, highlighting the role that institutions of higher learning have played in the city’s 300 years of development.

On Tuesday (Nov. 28), the academy Tweeted with a photo, Congrats to long-time SAA faculty member Allen Hamilton who is also a professor at St. Philip’s College where he was just nominated for the prestigious Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation award. Hamilton is the college’s 2017 nominee for the award.

Earlier this year, Road Scholar Programs senior program coordinator Karen J. Roe wrote, "The participation of Allen Hamilton plays a large part in the success of our programs... We list him as our “featured expert,” and evaluations from our participants are consistently excellent, some of the highest in the country. Many of our customers say they would have taken more history classes in college if they’d had Hamilton as a professor... I employ many members of the Professional Tour Guide Association of San Antonio for our programs, and they often tell me about Professor Hamilton’s presentations to their group and at other history-related events around town. They are proud to work with someone who is involved in the Tricentennial events and is viewed as a local expert. They believe the city’s visibility will continue to rise through the events of 2018, especially with the designation of the missions as a UNESCO World Heritage site."

"I'm teaching seven classes currently, and next semester with 40 students per class," said Hamilton. "Teaching for 39 years, I've taught 25,000 students in that time," Hamilton said.

"Military history is one of my major fields of interest and I don't teach it much, so I like to write about it," Hamilton explained when the book was released last year. "Paul Davis and I are both interested in the field and we decided to talk about what made them special in 1,000 words or less, the 220 warrior people from fighting groups. I didn't want to give terrorists any credence but the publisher insisted, and given that the Medieval figures were not too into the Vikings either... a few were researched and included. We had people in our Social and Behavioral Sciences department who submitted articles when I offered them a chance. If we knew experts who knew more about a topic, we approached them. We are happy to approach scholars everywhere. Pryor wrote on the Kiowa and Fuller write about the IRA and their Protestant counterpart in Ireland," Hamilton concluded.

Hamilton can be reached at 210-486-2480,