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What is the Foundations of Excellence®? 

With the guidance of the John N. Gardner Institute, San Antonio College has embarked upon a self-study called Foundations of Excellence® (FoE). SAC’s Foundations of Excellence® campaign, From the Ground Up, will unite nearly 100 faculty and staff members from around the College to evaluate all aspects of SAC’s campus environment as it supports and serves transfer-bound students.

During the first year, the FoE Task Force will produce a recommendation for institutional improvement, specifically focusing on student completion and successful transfer. In the second year, the Task Force will lead the implementation of the action plan. After the initial two years, adjustments will continue to be made until the plan has been actualized.

The campaign theme, From the Ground Up, is unique to SAC. It expresses the charge of the FoE Task Force, and is led by staff and faculty volunteers. During the fall semester of the 2012-2013 academic year, the Task Force will survey the staff/faculty and students and use that data to prepare an action plan for institutional change and improvement. Volunteers are encouraged to become part of this campaign by being on one of the nine Dimension Committees which will explore different facets of the College. 

Since February 2003, the Foundations of Excellence® project has involved over 300 two- and four-year colleges and universities across the nation. The Foundations of Excellence® project is designed to help campuses evaluate and improve the overall experience of first-year or transfer students. SAC will focus on the transfer student’s experience, and learn how we may better serve our students.

Learn more about the Foundations of Excellence® program.  

From The Ground Up Campaign  

SAC’s campaign theme is “From the Ground Up."  

The methodology behind this theme is that the Foundations of Excellence® project at SAC is for the people, by the people. Led by faculty and staff representatives, not administration, the Task Force aims to unite the College in an effort to help make SAC even better from the ground up 

Employees within any level of the College are invited to become a part of the FoE Task Force. All faculty and staff are able to follow the progress of the campaign on our internal website. Please refer to the FoE workspace on Sharepoint for more information about the status of the campaign.    

 FoE Task Force  

The FoE project calls for 10 committees: the Steering Committee and nine committees tackling one of the Foundational Dimensions®. The Dimension Committees will each have two co-chairs, one from Student Affairs and one from Academic Affairs. The Steering Committee is comprised of each of the committee co-chairs and the five FoE Launch Team members.  

CLICK HERE for FOE Executive Summary