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'Life After Alamo’…

Join the Benefits Team for the first ever, two-day retirement expo scheduled April 12th and 13th. The expo will be free and open to all Alamo Colleges District employees. We will have all our Retirement Vendors available all day to answer any questions you may have. Whether you are a new employee, been here for a while or getting close to your final days with the Alamo College District, this retirement expo has something everyone!
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'Life After Alamo’ Retirement Expo

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Join the Benefits Team for the first ever, two-day retirement expo scheduled April 12th and 13th. The expo will be free and open to all Alamo Colleges District employees. We will have all our Retirement Vendors available all day to answer any questions you may have. Whether you are a new employee, been here for a while or getting close to your final days with the Alamo College District, this retirement expo has something everyone! Please make sure to speak to your supervisor about attending the Retirement Expo!

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  • Q&A Panels
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Retirement Vendor Expo
  • Snacks & Refreshments
  • Door Prizes & Give-a-ways

Breakout Sessions:

We know your time is valuable, so we’ve designed this Retirement Expo so that you only go to the sessions the interest you! We will be offering a variety of breakout sessions every hour, each will average an hour long and most will be available at multiple times on either day. 

Breakout Session Schedule

  • Alamo Colleges District- Benefits Coordinator Round Table Forum: It's the end of the expo. You still have questions. This is your chance to ask any question that you can think of that haven't been answered yet. A unique forum set with all of the Benefit Coordinators in one place.
  • Alamo Colleges District- How to retire from Alamo Colleges District: Okay, you've decided it's time to retire. Now what? A step-by-step process that shows retirees the right way to retire, from drafting your letter of resignation to requesting the official retirement packet from TRS, and what happens to vacation days, sick days and everything else. Presented by Alamo Colleges District Benefit Coordinators.
  • Alamo Colleges District- Working After Retirement: Retirement- Check. Retirement party- Check. Retirement vacation- Check. Working after retirement- ?? What every soon-to-be-retiree needs to know about working at Alamo Colleges District after they've officially retired. ACCD's very own Benefits Manager, Geena Johnson, let's you in on returning to work after you've officially retired.
  • ERS - Are you prepared for Medicare?: Whether you're an employee or retiree, attend a Medicare Preparation webinar to learn about Medicare and how it works with your ERS benefits. ERS gets many questions from members who near Medicare eligibility, and we want to answer your questions. ERS' Melinda Land hosts.
  • ERS - Higher Education - Ready, Set, Retire!: ERS Benefits Educator Melinda Land gives you the information you need to make fully informed decisions about benefits in retirement. Learn about how your Health, Medicare, Dental, Life Insurance, Discount Purchase Program, and Texa$aver 457 Program work when you retire.
  • Fidelity Investments - Investing in Any Weather: John Harris, Retirement Planner from Fidelity Investments shows how to properly invest in any good or bad market. Sage advice in a topsy-turvey world from a professional, just for you.
  • Fidelity Investments - Social Security Basics or Advanced w/Medicare: Follow Fidelity Investments' Retirement Planner John Harris, as he discusses Social Security fundamentals and how to maximize your benefits. Also, he'll review Medicare, as times allows.
  • Lincoln Investment - Foundations of Investing: Join Investment Adviser Ken Gutshall, and Advisor Consulting Manager Tyler Mangum as they explain the ins and outs of retirement investing. They'll cover the topics of Investment Vehicles, Risk, Asset Allocation, and Creating a Portfolio.
  • Lincoln Investment - Maximizing your TRS and SSA Benefits: Let Phil Lebkuecher, Investment Adviser Representative for Lincoln Investment, show you how to turn your TRS and Social Security Benefits into a super-charged retirement vehicle that will lead you toward a high-powered finish line!
  • Lincoln Investment - Focus on ORP Retirees: Very important information from Phil Lebkuecher about your ORP. These are the questions you're going to wish you asked. This session is designed for Administrators and Faculty that are enrolled in the ORP Plan.
  • MetLife - Creating a Budget: Everyone knows that they should be putting away money for a rainy day and/or retirement, but how much? When should you start investing? MetLife's Investment Adviser Representatives - Mike Gonzalez and Jason Parker answers the hard questions that you really need to know!
  • MetLife - Retirement Risks: MetLife's Jason Parker and Mike Gonzales take you down the possibly perilous path and pit-falls that may be in your way to retirement, and how to get around them.
  • Retiree Guests - Questions I wished I had asked: A special forum where you can speak to actual Alamo Colleges Retirees! Who better to ask about retiring than someone that’s been through it.
  • TDI - Medicare Basics: The Texas Department of Insurance's (TDI) Senior Information and Outreach Specialist Angela Herron explains Medicare for you! This amazing insider breaks down the types of Medicare that's out there for you. Coordination of benefits between your plans? Just what is Medigap? Do not miss this valuable opportunity!!
  • Tex$aver - Comparing 403(b)s to 457s: 403(b)s? 457s? What does all those abbreviations mean? An in depth FYI discussion for the new investor that deciphers all the FAQs about investing in ACCD's retirement benefits ASAP, you'll LOL. Texa$aver's Retirement Plan Counselor Orlando Martinez clarifies the hidden meanings you've wondered about.
  • Tex$aver - Finding Extra Money To Save For Retirement: It’s not so difficulty, there’s several ways you can be saving money. In this session, Orlando Martinez will go through some simple tricks and changes we can put in place in our daily routine to save money that can go towards our retirement.
  • TIAA - Get a Head Start: A step‐by‐step overview of your plan! Retirement may seem like a long way off but it’s never too early to start saving. This may give your money more time to accumulate. Getting started is easy. TIAA’s workshop leader will highlight the benefits and advantages of participating in your retirement plan. James "DJ" Johnson, Financial Consultant for TIAA will be presenting.
  • TIAA - The Starting Line: Beginning to save for retirement! See the real effect of time on money, learn how to plan for retirement, find additional ways to save, and prepare your balance sheet for retirement. James "DJ" Johnson, Financial Consultant for TIAA will be hosting.
  • TRS - Retirement Benefits from TRS: Urgent!! Please note - This is your ONLY chance to see the presentation that TRS will give!! Presenters will review TRS benefits available to active members and those considering retirement during the 2017-18 school year.
  • Valic - Retirement Pathfinder - Online Tool: Write your own personalized retirement story! Valic shows you their online website tool and how it can turn your golden years in to everything you dreamed of, with their easy-to-use retirement calculator. Saving a little bit now can pay off big later!!! - Hosted by Stanley Marcus.
  • Valic - Retirement Strategies for Women: Focusing on overcoming the financial hurdles specific to women as they plan and invest for the future, this program emphasizes the importance of having a personal plan, a sound strategy and a consistent approach to saving. Presented by Valic's Senior Account Manager, the vivacious Bridgette Galvan.
  • Voya - My Retirement Outlook Interactive Lab: Do you know what you will receive from TRS, from Social Security and your voluntary retirement plans? Now may be a good time to find out. Bring an estimate of your savings and years of TRS service for a personalized view of your progress toward your retirement objectives. Using the My Retirement Outlook, you will estimate how much you need to save for your financial future, measure your progress and find out about any potential gaps. You can also test how various savings amounts will impact your take home pay today.
  • Voya - Plan for Your Retirement Income: A discussion of things to coincide both financially and personally before taking the life changing steps into retirement. Presented by Voya Financial Advisor Dave Poppe.

Who’s Invited: EVERYONE

  • Faculty
  • Adjuncts
  • Full-time employees
  • Part-time employees

For question or more information, please email