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 Northwest Vista College Library
1st Floor, Redbud Learning Center (RLC)
3535 N. Ellison Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78251
Mon - Thur: 7:30am to 4:30pm
Fri: 7:30am to 4:00pm

What is Distance Learning?

Sometimes called distance education, online learning, or elearning, Distance Learning is an educational opportunity that offers a deadline-oriented learning experience similar in structure to a face-to-face on-campus class. Students and instructors interact through chat tools, email and discussion boards over the Internet, and depending on the course assessments and assignments are all online.

Many courses offered at Northwest Vista for college credit are also provided in an internet (sometimes called online) format. And a few are offered as hybrid courses - partly online and partly on-campus.

On average, students spend about 10 hours per week per course in preparation, participation, and homework time. Students may spend less or more time per week per course depending on when the course is taken and difficulty of the course.


Student Services and Information


Technology Resources for Students

How to Succeed in an Online Class (pdf)

Student Canvas Quick Guide for Canvas

Technical Support for Canvas

College Resources

Student Handbook

State Authorization



Southern Regional Education Board's Electronic Campus



Internet? Hybrid? What’s the difference?

An online or internet class is taught completely over the Internet, with no classes scheduled on-campus. You may be required to come to campus for an orientation, for testing or for labs, but in general, attending class is simply a matter of logging into your class through the Internet.

A hybrid class is a cross between a traditional on-campus class and an internet class. Some of the class will be done over the Internet, but there are regularly scheduled on-campus meetings as well. For example, you may meet once a week on campus and the rest of your learning will take place online.


Internet and Hybrid Courses are not for Everyone

Although Internet and hybrid courses provide excellent educational opportunities, they simply aren’t the best choice in all cases. To be successful, students must have a working knowledge of computers (including email, browsing the Internet, using word processing programs and perhaps other software programs), must practice good time management skills, and be self-disciplined.


Am I ready for Distance Learning?

There are tools available to help determine if distance learning is a good fit for you. Taking the time now to discover your learning style and plan for challenges will help you make the right decision. Click here to access tools and resources that will help you understand your strengths and provide resources to help you succeed.


Technology Requirements

Participating in an online or hybrid class has some technological requirements that on campus classes do not have. Click here for information about technology needed, as a minimum, to be able to participate in Distance Learning.

Contact Information

Administrative Services Specialist
Mary Esther Cortez - 210-486-4094

Academic Program Coordinator and VCT Coordinator
Adela Gonzales - 210-486-4232

Director, Teaching with Technology
Laura Lawrence - 210-486-4850

Academic Program Specialist
Charlie Young - 210-486-4403

Canvas Support 
210-485-0555, Opt. 2