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1819 N. Main St.
San Antonio TX, 78212
  • The Alamo Colleges District has adopted six core values:
  • Students First
  • Data Informed
  • Can-Do Spirit
  • Respect for All
  • Community Engaged
  • Collaboration

Each value has a corresponding icon.  The icons can be used individually or as a group of six.  There are many opportunities to incorporate the values into the classroom experience (College Syllabus, bulletin boards, values activities) and outside of the classroom (all student activities including sporting events, fine arts activities, poetry slams, etc.)

Below is a list of the ways icons might be used:

On college fliers

  • In labs (Collaboration, Students First)
  • When reporting college outcomes (Data-Informed)
  • When submitting grant applications or grant reports (Data-Informed, Students First, Collaboration)
  • Employee Giving Campaign (Respect for All, Students First)
  • College administration meetings with students or faculty and staff (Respect for All)
  • When hosting community organizations on campus (Community-Engaged)
  • In recognition events (Students First, Can-Do Spirit)

Please note that the icons may NOT be used in place of the official College logo.

For questions about use, please contact SAC Public Relations at 210-486-0880.