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Alamo Colleges Education Services is a secure portal connecting Faculty, Staff & Students to Academic Resources, Email, and other Online Resources.

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Alamo Colleges' Library Information

St. Philip's College
• MLK Campus Library
• Southwest Campus Library

Alamo GPS News

Congratulations to the Alamo Colleges for the November, 2011, roll-out of Alamo GPS!

  • Any matriculated student who has been enrolled effective Fall 2010 has access to Alamo GPS.
  • Alamo GPS is available through the ACES homepage. No additional log-in required.
  • Updates to your records, such as grade changes, will not appear immediately. Ask an advisor or enrollment services to refresh your record.


Known Issues

  • Not all degree plans are loaded into Alamo GPS pending the accuracy verification by the college.
  • Major Block Not Found message: Student declared a catalog prior to Fall 2010 or that degree plan has not been validated and loaded into Alamo GPS.  Student may use the What-If function to access a degree plan.
  • Major Title Missing (code without title seen in Student View block under Major): Degree verification is pending. The title will appear once the approval is given. If major is not validated, student will need to declare a different major.
  • Not Applied Toward Degree Block:  GENL courses are transfer courses without equivalencies that came over from the legacy student records systems.  A course substitution or equivalency process may be used to apply the course to the degree requirements.
  • Repeatable courses are not being applied to fulfill requirements in the audit.
  • Programming for duplicate credit, old to new course numbers, and cross-listed courses is still in progress.
  • Printing feature in the Planner is not accessible.
  • Cross listed courses are not applying to appropriate block


Looking Ahead

Alamo GPS is a living document with ongoing updates and improvements.  Watch for these improvements!

  • Test scores
  • Planner  - Degree Plan Templates
  • Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Easier to navigate FIND and What If features
  • Electronic course substitutions
  • Reports