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Dear Alamo Colleges District Family:

As a result of SB 11, passed by the Texas Legislature in 2015, licensed concealed campus carry of handguns at the Alamo Colleges District is permitted effective August 1, 2017. The Alamo Colleges District has implemented rules as procedures to address the new licensed concealed campus carry legislation. Training and additional communications for employees and students will be provided over the next few weeks.

Last year, I appointed a task force of Alamo College District students, faculty, staff and administrators to explore how campus carry might be implemented and what potential prohibited areas should be considered. I would like to thank the task force members, under the leadership of our legal counsel, Mr. Ross Laughead, for their outstanding work. Below are key points resulting from their efforts:    

No open carry of firearms is allowed on any property owned, controlled, or leased by the Alamo Colleges District, including vehicles which it operates.

Concealed carry of a handgun by persons licensed to carry may not be restricted except in locations signed as prohibited areas. 

  • Special testing locations requiring a complete surrender of personal effects during testing will be signed as prohibited areas. 
  • Otherwise, students may be required to place their purse, backpack or briefcase away from their person, but within their view during tests at the direction of their instructor or test administrator.
  • License holders carrying on campus intending to access prohibited areas must leave their weapons locked in their vehicles.  College lockers are not authorized for storage of handguns by license holders. 


Open carry, intentional display, unlicensed carry, and carry in spite of signed prohibition are subject to employee and student discipline, as well as possible prosecution. Unintentional display of a weapon by a license holder must be avoided.  Police will exercise their enforcement discretion. 

If you see a person openly carrying or deliberately displaying a firearm, call the Alamo Colleges District Police 485-0911. Do not confront the person or ask if the person has a permit.

For more information on campus carry, go to

Thank you for your efforts in keeping our focus on our top priority  ---- the educational success of our students.


Dr. Bruce Leslie, Chancellor