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Alamo Colleges Education Services is a secure portal connecting Faculty, Staff & Students to Academic Resources, Email, and other Online Resources.

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  1. Implement and update new Banner 9 technologies that replace Banner INB (Oracle Forms) & Banner Self Service Pages (ACES)
  2. Utilize new functionality that allows advisors to better serve students

Why Are We Upgrading to Banner 9?

Banner 9 is a mandatory vendor upgrade which must be in place by December 2018 in order to stay on Banner support and receive federal and state regulatory patches.

Ellucian, our Enterprise Resource Planning vendor for support of Human Resource, Finance, Student, Financial Aid, and Accounts Receivable, is replacing their suite of products with new technologies. Most changes represent a new look and feel to data entry forms. However, there are new applications that provide additional functionality. For example, the way students register for classes will greatly improve.


What's Changing?

Self-Service Banner    Admin Applications
  • Services through ACES used by faculty, student and employees are being updated and improved.
  • Additional functionality will enhance advisor support and student self-services.
  • Banner will have a new look and feel.
  • Navigation is similar to a web-page.
  • Forms will be referred to as pages.
  • Banner form names will not change.
  • Ability to find pages by description.

Benefits of Banner 9

 Streamlined Processes    Navigation Improvements
  • Integration of Academic Plan with registration!
  • Employees get a dashboard view.
  • Enhanced communication options.
  • Streamlined upgrades.
  • Java problems dramatically reduced.
  • ADA compliant!
  • Mobile device friendly.
  • Improved filtering options.
  • Easier record searching.
  • View multiple records at a time.
  • Expand and collapse sections in a page.
  • Better table extraction.
  • Modern appearance.
  • Customized branding.


Banner 9 chart


What is the plan for upgrading to Banner 9?

All changes need to be in place before December of 2018 in order to stay on Banner support and receive federal and state regulatory patches. Go-live dates for various modules will be determined in December 2017.

What is the scope of the Banner 9 project?

The Ellucian Banner 9 environment is comprised of three applications groups:


Group 1

These are Self Service Applications that can be installed a la carte. They are referred to as Banner "lightweight" Applications and were the first Banner 9 Self Service applications released to provide enhancement and efficiencies in-Faculty Grade Entry and Registration. The applications are independent of each other. Some replace existing Banner 8 processes and some are new functionality. These applications must be evaluated individually to determine whether we should implement them.


Group 2

Admin page are new INB forms and will require staff training. They are called the Administrative "transformation" Modules and are equivalent to Banner Forms in your current Banner instance (Banner8)...


Group 3

This will be a set of new Self-Service applications for delivery through ACES.


How many users will be affected by this upgrade?

All students, faculty and staff who use Banner and access Self-Service through ACES.

Will there be training on Banner 9?

Yes. Functional areas will be offering specific training across the campuses.

What is the timeline?

Banner 9 will be introduced in steps; while the existing ERP system is still up and running. Phase 1 begins with Banner 9 demonstrations and functional area review beginning in July 2017. Phase 2 begins in September 2017 with assessment of training needs and development of training plans. In Phase 3, functional areas will conduct testing and training up to their go-live dates.

When can we expect to begin using Banner 9?

IT will roll out Banner 9 to the various functional areas on a staggered schedule over time. The Banner 9 Steering Committee is reviewing target dates and will publish them as they are determined. 

Can we use Banner 9 and Banner 8 at the same time?

Yes, until Banner 8 is shut down, we will be able to work with both interfaces.

How long does it take to learn the new interfaces?

Banner 9 introduces minimal changes affecting user navigation. The forms and processes remain the same, but have a different layout and design.

Whom do I call with questions about Banner 9?

For questions concerning your business processes, speak with your team/area leads.

Student   Human
  Accounts Receivable   Finance   Financial
Delia Muraira
  Alicia Reyes

Andrea Arenas

Cynthia Munoz

  Aide Contreras
  Mark Martinez
  Michelle Hill

Jennifer Tamayo