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Voters Approve $450 Bond Issue 

On May 6, 2017, Bexar County voters approved a $450 million general obligation bond. Projects to be funded were determined with the input of a citizen’s bond advisory committee. Bond proceeds will be used to renovate existing facilities, add new facilities, expand geographic reach within Bexar County and add physical plant and technology capacity. Construction will include new Centers of Excellence to address our community's educational priorities.

Project Breakdown


More than 33% of the Alamo Colleges District's facilities, constituting more than 2 million square feet, are more than 25 years old, many more the 50 years old. The bond will provide funds to improve infrastructure, redevelop interiors and exteriors and repurpose many of these facilities.


New Facilities

The bond will also fund new facilities including Centers of Excellence to address anticipated population growth and the community's educational priorities, which include:

  • Expanding training for high demand, high growth business and industry occupations in the region;
  • Increasing emphasis on education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields;
  • Supporting our programs with smart classrooms and labs, as well as specialized program spaces; and
  • Serving a growing number of students as population growth in the San Antonio metropolitan area is anticipated to increase by 1 million residents by 2035.

Geographic Expansion

The bond also will provide funding for Regional Centers and expansion of current college facilities to continue to provide educational services to all the communities within the Alamo Colleges District. The population in the San Antonio metropolitan area continues to grow, particularly in the north, south and west areas of San Antonio and Bexar County. The bond will fund the acquisition of additional land to expand geographic distribution of our Regional Centers in order to make our education and training programs more accessible across Bexar County.


Technology Infrastructure

The bond will address the rapid expansion of IT and Technology demand in the learning and student support enrollment area by funding ongoing infrastructure development.


Breakdown of Improvements, Renovations, and New Construction by Location

Northeast Lakeview College $42,000,000
Technology Center of Excellence 20,000,000*
Science Building 20,000,000*
Physical Plant Improvements 2,000,000

Northwest Vista College $69,000,000
STEM Center of Excellence 30,000,000
Parking Garage and Welcome Center 26,000,000
Cultural Programs Center of Excellence      10,000,000
Physical Plant Improvements 3,000,000

Palo Alto College $66,000,000
Advanced Manufacturing and Public Service Center of Excellence 30,000,000
Student Engagement & Welcome Center 12,000,000
Healthcare Technology Center of Excellence 5,000,000
Natatorium Improvements 5,700,000
Gym Renovations (Improvements) 8,300,000
Physical Plant Improvements 3,000,000
Science Lab Renovations 2,000,000

San Antonio College & First Responders Academy $83,000,000
Finance & Science Center of Excellence 14,000,000
Fletcher Student Success Building Renovation with Main Entry 20,000,000
Parking Garage and Childcare Center 20,000,000
Physical Plant Improvements 4,500,000
McAllister Fine Arts Improvements 4,500,000
Law Enforcement & First Responders Center of Excellence 15,000,000
Physical Plant 5,000,000

St. Philip's College & Southwest Campus $82,000,000
Culinary Arts Building Center of Excellence 30,000,000
Norris Technical Building Renovations 22,000,000
Replacement of Bowden Building and Campus Center 10,000,000
SWC - Welding and Auto Body Facility 20,000,000

 Higher Education Regional Centers $69,000,000
Westside Educ. and Training Ctr. (WETC) 23,000,000
IH 10 NW Educ. and Training Center (NWETC) 23,000,000
Southside Educ. and Training Center (SETC) 23,000,000

 Safety and Security & Information Technology $28,000,000
Redundant Police Dispatch Center 3,000,000
Information Technology 25,000,000

 Real Estate $11,000,000
Property at 281 N. County Line 5,000,000
Property at Palo Alto College 6,000,000

 Bond Proposal Total Project Costs  $450,000,000 

*Buildings are expected to be combined and their size may be expanded, funds permitting

Proven Financial Stewardship

Both Moody's and S&P have rated the Alamo Colleges District outstanding general obligation debt "AAA". 

"AAA" is the highest rating possible and ensures that the Alamo College District bonds will be sold to investors at the lowest possible interest rates, saving Alamo Colleges District taxpayers' money in interest expense over the life of these bonds.

The Alamo Colleges District Finance and Fiscal Services Department has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for eight straight years.